Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Theme Day-March, 2011-My Favorite Part of Town-Central Library

I cannot tell a lie: This is another "illegal" post (according to CDP rules).  I am still in St. Paul, Mn 'til I fly away to Mazatlán, México in 8 days.  During the past few years I've been dividing my time between three fabulous places: St. Paul, México and Santa Fe so....I'v posted a theme day photo for each place.  Forgive me?

This sculpture is in the Southwest Reading room in the downtown central Santa Fe Library.  I do not neglect any of the other wonderful places in town, but this is the first place I visit when I hit Santa Fe.  It's a treasure.  After loading myself down with lots of regional literature books, I visit Canyon Road check Randy's Santa Fe Daily Photo for today, the art galleries, historical sights and many fine little restaurants where the locals hang out.  First things first, though, literature to feed my soul.

I know that you will want to see other bloggers' favorite spot, so Click here to view thumbnails for all participants