Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creation Retablo

The Spanish Market honours the talents of students from elementary through high school age.  If I lived here I would start collecting traditional art from the young people, who are the artists of the future. This retablo was created by Elias Pacheco, age 15! He deservedly won a ribbon for his representation of creation. I think I'll contact him before I leave to see if it's still available for sale.

Retablos come in various sizes, but here is a good definition of traditional retablos:

A retablo (or lamina) is a small oil painting on any variety of surface, typically a wood carving. Used to honor different saints of the Catholic Church, the retablo grew in popularity as the indigenous people were converted by Catholic missionaries. Retablos are designated as “portable, flat, two-dimensional, painted wood or relief panel” designs.

Aside from being found behind the altar, similar ornamental structures are built and carved over facades and doorways. When one wanted to express gratitude they could give retablos that described “the miraculous deed of a saint to whom the petitioner turned to in a time of need” (Correa 113). All of the numerous saints depicted on the retablos were thought to each remedy an array of problems faced on a daily basis. People often called upon these saints to bless them for events such as harvests or feasts.


  1. belle création, ce montage avec ces mosaïques

  2. Hes a talented young kid, it may be a collectors item someday.

  3. Thanks for that added information. This enhanced my understanding.

  4. It's beautiful and unusual. Looks like this young person has much to offer the world of art.

  5. All the pictures I see on the blogs are beautiful. But your pictures are interesting because I look at them, and then I have to look again just to see if I really saw what I thougt I saw. Like this picture, you just keep looking at it.


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