Friday, August 26, 2011

The Santa Fe Opera

One of the best parts of visiting Santa Fe in the summer is the chance to go to the Santa Fe Opera.  Tonight I'm going to attend a performance of La Boheme.  Woo Hoo!! I dislike posed photos such as these but because DH and granddaughter flew back to St. Paul yesterday, he had to pose in front of the poster of his favorite opera, Faust, which he unfortunately will miss.  I'm staying behind to housesit for friends in Santa Fe who will be vacationing.  A really tough assignment for me!


  1. I think those are great posed photos. But I think you guys are great to begin with.

    Can I borrow twenty dolla?

  2. On your own in Santa Fe, with lots to see and do! Sounds like a great assignment.

  3. You are such a good friend to take on such a difficult job. Enjoy the opera!

  4. Kate, It was so wonderful getting the chance to meet you tonight. We will definitely see you again soon. Wasn't the opera wonderful. I would have to say it is now one of my favorites.

  5. Love the composition on top. So beautiful!


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