Tuesday, April 8, 2014


REMEMBER:  April is National Poetry Month
Put a poem in your pocket!!
A Magical World
A Kindle isn't the same
Read books and more books 



  1. Well, son of a gun. I didn't realize April was National Poetry Month. As you know, I still do my haiku, but find myself these days also reading more and more poetry! Something's in the air. I really like this little boy absorbed in his book. I agree Kindles aren't the same. For me though, they're more practical than hauling back books, but if I like a book on Kindle, I buy it in paper form....

  2. We're on the same wavelength Kate :) you'll see tomorrow, books are the best!

  3. Oh, these speak to me. Having been a children's librarian for so long, it always makes me happy to see a child with a book. It's such a rare sight any more that it's a good thing we have these marvelous statues to commemorate the memory.

  4. I read both ways, electronically and with real books. But I still prefer the old-fashioned way most of the time.

  5. I agree. In fact I may write a poem. And I am reading a book; actually several books.

    If you don't read in April
    Or even in the fall
    If you don't read in winter
    What's the purpose of it all?

    Reading is precision
    It helps you find your way
    So make a good decision
    Read something every day.

  6. I agree. I have a couple of friends who read from Kindles but, I can't take to it. I love the feel and smell of a book.

  7. I, too have a kindle and although it is convenient when I travel, I find I can't remember the titles of the books I am reading nor can I flick back through the pages easily to remind myself where I am in the plot. I love the feel of a real book, the turn of the page and constantly looking at the title does help me remember what I am reading!

  8. I love my books. Haven't gone the kindle way...

  9. What a loveky sculptures, se sweet.

  10. They're splendid sculptures! So lifelike.

  11. Two excellent "portraits" of these very appealing child statues.

  12. What sweet little statues! I didn't know it was Poetry month!

    abcw team

  13. With you on Kindle not being the same. I read electronically but only when there's no other choice. I'm keeping my traditional books. Love the statues!

  14. these are sweet sculptures...and i agree, a kindle just isn't the same. i have had a nook for a few years and have yet to finish a book on it!

  15. Yes we do enter a magical world when we read a book!!!


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