Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Radio Astronomy-Very Large Array

Socorro, NM- Nat'l Radio Astronomy Observatory: Very Large Array is a scientific facility that has a powerful telescope that observes the universe, night and day,  27 dish-shaped antennas are turned to a kind of light that eyes cannot see.   The invisible light is in the form of radio waves.    Unhindered, radio waves can travel billions of years across the vastness of space.  They provide the VLA with the data that helps construct a timeline of the universe——from its ancient past to the possible future.
(Credit: VLA brochure)



  1. Is this located in the Santa Fe area. Sounds fascinating!

    1. We were on a road trip from Santa Fe to Las Cruces. It's about 150 miles south of SF, off Interstate 25S.

  2. An amazing tool the astronomers and scientists have created in their quest for knowledge of the universe. It seems the journey they are on is never ending. I feel they have just scratched the surface. Infinity knows no bounds.

  3. I love this place. We stop in there every time we go that way. We have even brought four of our grandchildren to see it.

  4. It looks massive. Astronomy fascinates me, and that area would be pretty good for the work.

  5. ooooh, we were there on one of our road trips. it was an amazing part of the journey.... it was so very beautiful! it was snowing quite heavily and we were not prepared for that, but the road was quite empty and i was not even too scared....
    due to mist we could see only a few antennas but they were so huge!!
    now i want to go back!! (i think you also pass pietown on your way there?)
    for us it was so funny, since "vla" in dutch is a dessert, sort of pudding/flan type... so until we knew it was an acronym we had quite a big laugh, first pietown, then vla...

  6. These are very cool. There is an array like this is a remote area of eastern California. We never got close enough to photograph as you have. But they can always add flames to the imagination.

  7. What a huge things they are, I have seen one in the Netherlands, you can see it from far.

  8. This is on my list of places to see. Wonderful shot, Kate.

  9. Very informative and great shots. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  10. This is all so interesting! The Universe is beyond comprehension for us. We see the light of stars that don't exist anymore. Great piece of information, Kate!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  11. So intriguing, the knowledge of space has grown so much in my lifetime!! Sometimes would love to think how my great grandparents would have reacted.


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