Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet Luna

Although Luna could not give me much information about herself, her parents filled in the blanks. I met them at the Tuesday Santa Fe Farmers' Market. As I strolled among the vendors, Luna approached me, offering a stone which she was attempting to eat as she ran barefoot near her parents' vegetable stand--organic produce which is the norm for the farmers selling their products. 15-month-old Luna hails from Velarde, NM and accompanies her parents when they sell at the Market. Because of her friendliness and charm , it was tempting to swoop her up in my arms and steal away. I was frankly surprised that they gave me permission to photograph Luna (when she was standing still!) and put her on my blog. Glad they did, though!
Luna's photo is #39/100 in my Strangers Project--To learn more about the 100 Strangers Project, go here:


  1. Bonjour Luna and Kate!
    Luna is adorable, a doll!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend dear Kate,
    purrs and love

  2. Luna is adorable Kate, pretty as a picture in her pink dress.

  3. A very winning little personality - delightful:-)

  4. Adorable shot Kate. Sounds like you had a lovely conversation with her family. That's really what I like the most when you ask strangers if you can take their photo and they let you into a little of their world.


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