Thursday, September 15, 2011

Santo Domingo Annual Arts and Crafts Festival-#2

I stopped in my tracks when I saw these two at the Santo Domingo Arts and Crafts Festival. I asked each of them the reasons for  their NFL preference in a place 1200 miles away from Green Bay, Wi.  Since the morning was a bit chilly, Catherine claimed that she was wearing the sweat shirt because she was cold!  So much for team allegiance!  We chatted,  and she told me that she grew up in Santo Domingo but had just recently returned to the Pueblo after living in Denver, which she had loved.  Donovan was somewhat noncommittal about the Packers.  He revealed that he was helping his auntie, Brihilda Coriz whom you met yesterday,  during the Labor Day weekend festival. After my short conversation with both of them, I hope that I convinced them to become committed fans!

ALERT:  Yesterday I  found out that there is to be a Second Annual World Wide Photo Walk on October 1st and 2nd.  To see if there is a one organized for a city near you, check this out:


  1. marrant avec le tee-shirt des Packers ;))

  2. I have often wondered about people who live in one place all their lives yet have an allegiance to a team faraway. For instance one of my co-workers who was brought up here yet is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Her answer to me when I asked "We've always been." Needless to say I will have to continue to seek out the answer. As far as my choice, Denver I would have to say one there is a player with my last name on the team which is rare and it's close to home and here your either a Denver fan or a Cowboys fan. I would never be a Cowboys fan.

  3. I bet you had a Packer Backer love fest right there!
    Great Kate, go go go!


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