Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meet Gary!

Judging from the reaction of the people on the street, Gary is a popular guy! When looking for an address, who better to ask than a mailman?! Gary, a native Santa Fean,  helped us find what we needed,  and we had a great conversation.  Since both Kate and he are Packer fans (notice the logo on his belt!) the three of us exchanged views and opinions on the recent championship games.  Always great to make a new friend!
"Friends are the sunshine of life."  John Hay


  1. He looks such a friendly happy chappie. Postmen know everything. A good contact. I love the John Hay quote.

  2. How fun! Hello Gary, welcome to CDP.

  3. Great Kate - I like how you posted the two photos side by side. I don't think I can do that with my blog template? Gary seems like a fun, friendly guy and I notice that he's a Green Bay Packer Baker... Allison and I talk, laugh and joke with the two regular mailmen who deliver our office mail! Cheers!

  4. Who is the happy looking gal in the background I wonder?

  5. Chatting up those young men again, Kate. Tsk, tsk....

  6. Gary looks like a cool guy! Sure looks happy. And who wouldn't like the person who brings the mail....even if it is mostly bills.

  7. Our mailman (and mail ladies) are sad and always angry! I envy you!

  8. Kate,
    thank you for your kind comment on my blog today!
    That was the nicest surprise, really, because only hours ago had I checked some old mails and found your name there and was thinking that I want to try to find you again! I changed computer, working now on a MacBook and have lost track of all my old favorites.
    I will be back to see what you have been up to! Santa Fe is such a beautiful place, I fell in love with it the one time I visited there.
    Best wishes,

  9. Gary looks like a terrific guy. It's always good to be friends with the postman. :D


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