Saturday, February 6, 2010

While on the Road -- #1

While on the road I noticed that the state of Iowa had an inordinate number of wind turbines along interstate 80; the other states along the way did not. Most were rhythmically whirling and only a few were stationery.  Had to laugh because newspapers in Minnesota had just announced that the turbines in small communities close to the Twin Cities were not operating because they had been frozen by the winter wind and temperatures. A very good time to leave for more hospitable climates!


  1. Beautiful photo and interesting info!

  2. One long, long row of windmills lined the horizon in Oklahoma. They were in constant motion.

  3. Good to see energy windmills.

    We look forward to your posts from Santa Fe. And your return to Minnesota when Spring arrives.

  4. A beautiful image, I have never seen a windmill like this with the snow.

  5. So interesting that you should also see wind turbines in the snow!


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