Sunday, July 28, 2013

Two Sisters

Sisters: Bernadette and Angel

Artist, Bernadette

Angel was helping her sister in a booth at Spanish Market, selling Bernadette's  artwork, Straw Appliqué.  I bought two of Bernadette's crosses, one for myself and one for my own sister, both pieces are delicate and beautiful.  Another plus in meeting those two personable women is that Bernadette,  in addition to being a gifted artist, is a co-worker and friend of Randy at Santa Fe Daily Photo.


  1. How nice of her sister to help. Such happy smiles.
    Now we just need a picture of you giving the cross to your sister!

  2. I thought Bernadette was an angel! :)

    Nice portraits of these beautiful sisters. I wonder if everyone in Santa Fe has some connection with Randy. And it seems like you are certainly getting around town during your stay there! Great fun, right?

  3. What a nice portrait! It looks like you are having such a busy time in Santa Fe. There is always something going on there.

    Re: Lowell's comment on my post yesterday, I was told by a friend and follower of my blog that my pictures were showing up on someones facebook group page. It was a closed group so I had to be accepted into it before I could see the posts. When I got in, I found that the woman who runs the group was posting hundreds of my pictures and even copied word for word what I wrote about them and claimed them as her own work. Needless to say, I was livid. I started leaving comments on each one that they were mine and she sent me a message saying that her 'helper' found them on the web so thought she could take them. I told her about copyright laws and she said she would delete them. She had been posting my pictures for two years.

  4. ... different eyeware. hahahahaha

  5. That's my buddy! She had a very successful weekend.

  6. Bernadette has a friendly smile!

  7. Glad she had a successful weekend! Both women look like they have enviably beautiful skin - and both are beautiful.


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