Monday, March 8, 2010

Murals of Pueblo Indians

I innocently took photos of these five murals in July, 2008 when we visited Santa Fe for Spanish Market.  I obviously did not read the posted signs that prohibited photos (probably because they are in the courtyard).  During this stay when I've been more alert, I discovered to my dismay that I could not take photographs in any of the museums; being respectful of their rules, I refrained.  However, since I already have these murals on file from my previous visit, I thought it would be a shame not to post here they are.  And please, my beloved Sante Fe,  forgive me my lapse in judgment.  It was not intentional and it won't happen again!!

"Will Schuster painted six murals on the north walls of the courtyard of the Museum of New Mexico in 1934. Painted on the height of the Great Depression, the murals honor the spiritual, ceremonial and agricultural traditions of the Pueblo Indians." (Description on a plaque in the courtyard of the museum).


  1. superbe ces peintures, j'aime beaucoup celle de la danse

  2. These are very pretty! I am always a little diappointed when places won't let you take photos, but I'm sure they have their reasons.

    Thanks for sharing the ilicit goods. ;-)

  3. I've made that error before myself but looking at the beautiful post you have made today, I'm glad you didn't notice the sign that day. Just looking at your blog every day makes me think it's time for another visit to Santa Fe.

  4. Glad you did it, Kate! :-)

  5. Beautiful contraband! Nice collage, Great Kate!

    Careful on the "slippery slope!"

  6. These are quite impressive renditions of native life in the area.

    Will they allow photos sans flash in the museums?

    How can they forbid photos in a public area?

  7. Jacob, Nope, no cameras even without a flash. When I take photos just about anywhere or doing a performance, I NEVER use a flash (bad manners during theatre and with art work, repeated use can create damage to the art work..or so I've been told). People with digital sometimes don't know how to use the cameras sufficiently well to remember to turn off the flash so therefore a complete ban. I have friends who work in museums and we have a running disagreement re. photos. Sometime it also involves copyright. I try to be respectful; after all, it's not my place!!

  8. Hi Kate...I've heard various rationales for not allowing photography in museums. I think they are all overblown. The one I heard in the Louvre was that the flash bothered other people.

    Furthermore, if it's all about the flash damaging the art work, why not all photos without flash. And if people insist on using flash, remove them.

    I'm afraid a sweeping ban that nets the good guys with the bad guys is just easier to enforce.

    Have a great day!

  9. I think if you just add the copyright info to the image (or under it) indicating who it is copyrighted to, 'they' would be less likely to be upset.


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