Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ABC WEDNESDAY-"E" St. Elias, Greek Orthodox Church's Icons

On January 31st, I posted a photo of the outside of St. Elias the Prophet Greek Orthodox Church.  The interior of this small church has an astonishing array of iconic paintings depicting various religious figures and biblical stories.  Iconographers, aria Sigala and Nikos Spanopoulos, from Athens Greece have done the paintings.  The one above is identified as the "Nativity of Christ", and is described in a"Guide to the Icons."

"The Virgin reclines at the entrance to the dark and humble cave in Bethlehem. The Holy Infant is within with an ox, ass and angels looking on.  A young shepherd holds a lamb, representing the Lamb of God (Christ).  Lower left corner: Infant Christ receives his first bath.  Right:  Joseph the Betrothed is confronted by the devil with doubts about the Virgin's conception."

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Tomorrow:  More Icons!!


  1. I went to a local Greek Orthodox church and got a lesson in iconography. Fascinating stuff.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. how magnificent! really cool...thanks for dropping by....:)

  3. Excellent E choice. Beautiful capture too!

    E is for Entertainment, please come and see.

  4. A beautiful way to convey a wonderful story!

  5. I have been to only a few Orthodox churches, all of them overseas, but they painting were indeed a marvel. We bought a few icons and I have them hanging in my library at home.

  6. The painting is colorful and interesting, telling a story in the same fashion as ancient iconographers. It makes me think of our friends in Greece and the struggles they are facing right now.


  7. The church is as wonderful inside as it is out! Lovely shot!

  8. I'm sure that the worshipers are extremely happy with this art for their church!

  9. Beautiful capture of the iconic picture. the colors are quite lovely.
    Hope you have a great rest of the week in NM.

  10. Wonderful detail in this painting.

  11. Fascinating - I love visiting old churches.

    abcw team


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